Wrongful Death

Wrongful death litigation is sub-category of personal injury litigation, but it ends up being far more complex and emotionally draining than typical personal injury cases. 

Our philosophy is that we need to consider not only financial aspects of litigation, but also the human consequences of our litigation strategy. This means engaging in settlement discussions as soon as damages and liability can be readily ascertained, avoiding abusive and unfair discovery tactics, and having respect for the difficult circumstances the parties face. 

We here at MLO have been on both sides of wrongful death litigation and it is one of the most challenging types of litigation we know of because of the immensely personal nature of the subject matter. We serve our clients well by recognizing this and ensuring that we do not dishonor or exploit the deceased with our actions and attempting to achieve a resolution early on that allows both sides to move on from what is likely the worst experience of their lives. Professionalism must be at the front of all litigation strategies when dealing with wrongful death and we pride ourselves on this commitment.