Contract Litigation

Contract cases are some of the most technical cases we handle. They also happen to be the most counter-intuitive cases you can find. Whereas in personal injury cases, just about everyone can understand how the case works in general terms, contract cases involve some pretty archaic doctrines that would make most people scratch their heads. We all understand that if you hit someone with your car then you're probably going to have to pay some money, but contract cases can sometimes feel like they turn all common sense on its head.

The good news is that we at MLO actually enjoy this stuff. Contracts are the cornerstone of modern society and the crazy doctrines we have to apply in interpreting contracts actually make sense when you trace them back through history. Spotting an issue like "the statute of frauds" or "the parol evidence rule" can feel like opening a present on Christmas morning for a contract lawyer. Contract lawyers are good people to know because every interaction you have in the commercial world is governed by contract law, whether you know it or not. 

The challenge of practicing contract litigation isn't limited to just the technical issues, though; the most challenging aspect is often helping the client understand that justice and contract law do not always go hand-in-hand. People are often upset about unjust outcomes in commercial transactions and hope that the law has a way to help them reach a better result. Sometimes it does, but many times it does not.

We pride ourselves on being able to distill a case quickly and offer the client options for moving forward as soon as possible. If your case is likely to succeed, we'll lay out an initial strategy usually within 24 hours of meeting you. Whether you stick with us or take that plan to another attorney, at least you'll know what we think of your case and where it should go. If, in our opinion, your case is unlikely to succeed, we'll give you your options and help you evaluate the relative pros and cons of proceeding.